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Star Lounge Bar is a perfect place for corporate parties, business banquets, presentations and private parties.

We believe that many of you have organized or been a guest on a corporate party before, but what we are sure of is that you have never before had the opportunity to enjoy the kind of party atmosphere offered by the Lounge Bar, which comprises amazing views over the largest stadium in the region with the free access to VIP boxes.

The capacity of our premises can easily host up to 400 guests along with the friendly staff and the professional service and certainly indispensable is the wide range and quality of our dishes.

Be with us and feel like a star.

Experience the special moments at the Star Lounge Bar, bring your friends, celebrate business successes, experience love and be our star.

We organize for you company parties, corporate parties, cocktail parties and banquets, business meetings, private parties and birthdays.

Our Lounge Bar spreads across 150 square meters owning the big parking space in the front.




Corporate celebrations